Joe has trained at the GSA (Guildford School of Acting)

Recieving a BA(hons) In Music and Theatre.

He has worked in various shows from plays to

musicals and presented on Radio.

He has lent his Voice both as a

singer and impressionist/character actor to many jingles, animations films and voice overs most recently "Kung fu Panda 3" and "Hardy Wellgross".


Classed as a "Vocal Chameleon" by industry expert Kim Chandler,

Joe can suit most styles and develop almost any character from unique custom created voices to impressions and session singing both in character and out.




Joe has also worked as a session musician for a variety of productions both live and recorded playing:

SAX (alto,Sop,tenor) CLARINET. FLUTE, UKULELE and various other instruments.

Joe also has a high quality self contained recording studio.

Joe singing the english male parts on "Kung Fu Fighting" for Kung Fu Panda 3 by Dreamworks.
Joe Singing the Theme to a new animation for Walt Disney "Hardy Wellgross".